Triggerfish of different types are caught while Bottom Fishing in Miami and while Wreck Fishing in Miami

Triggerfish Characteristics:

There are many species of triggerfish in many different areas around the world. Triggerfish can range in color from absolutely beautiful with multiple colors to the gray color of the common triggerfish. Triggerfish are often caught while bottom fishing in Miami over reefs, coral patches and at times while fishing over artificial reefs. They are infamously known for being able to take baits without the angler knowing, so small baits and small hooks are important for success. They may display aggressive behavior. There are many varieties of beautiful triggerfish around the world. There are several different varieties in Miami, Miami Beach and South Florida including: gray triggerfish also known as common triggerfish or often referred to as just triggerfish, queen triggerfish and ocean tally also known as ocean triggerfish or ocean triggers. Triggerfish are generally bottom-feeding fish and they can be gray, dark gray or very colorful and very beautiful. Some varieties including queen triggerfish are considered by many to be among the most gorgeous fish that swim in the ocean. Queen triggerfish are beautifully colored and may have gorgeous shades of blue, light blue, green, orange and outstanding linear markings. Their dorsal fin and tail appear to stream (elongated) compared to other varieties. The body of a triggerfish may be described as oval shaped. They are generally not very wide and generally not very long, they have tough leather-like skin and sharp, very strong teeth that are capable of crushing their food such as shellfish, crabs, etc. It has been reported that certain varieties of triggerfish can grow to long lengths of up to three feet. Titan triggerfish, not native to South Florida waters, may also grow to large lengths. Triggerfish have a unique trigger-like dorsal fin. Caution and care should be taken when handling triggerfish because of their strong jaws and very strong, crushing teeth.

Triggerfish Locations:

Triggerfish can be found offshore and inshore, they are mostly thought of as bottom-feeding fish that can be found over coral reefs and artificial reefs in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. Generally, most triggerfish are caught while bottom fishing.

Triggerfish Size / Weight Range:

In general, triggerfish in Miami may range from about 1-pound or more to about 5-pounds or more. Triggerfish above 5 pounds are not common but also are not uncommon.

Triggerfish Fighting Ability:

Triggerfish in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale are very good fighting fish on the appropriate type of tackle. They are good fighters on light tackle and on spinning rods. Triggerfish can also tug well on conventional deep-sea fishing rods and reels. When they are feeding, triggerfish fishing in Miami can be a lot of fun.

Triggerfish Fishing in Miami – Fishing Techniques:

Bottom fishing, reef fishing, artificial reef fishing, charter boat fishing, drift fishing and anchor fishing are good methods for catching triggerfish in Miami. Generally, triggerfish are not specifically targeted but may be caught while bottom fishing for other varieties of bottom fish. There are many different types of fish that can be caught while bottom fishing in Miami including Triggerfish.

Types of Bait for Triggerfish Fishing in Miami:

Small bait, small chunks or strips of ballyhoo, very small bonito strips or chunks of bonito, fresh small strips, chunks of fresh bait, shrimp and squid are all good baits for triggerfish fishing in Miami. Generally smaller baits and cut baits are better for catching triggerfish because of their small mouth structure. Very slowly retrieved small feathers tipped with very small bonito strips may also be attractive bait for triggerfish. Remember that they have a small mouth structure. Triggerfish often can steal the bait so if they are around and if fishing seems to slow down check the baits frequently to make sure that they haven’t been eaten. Since they are infamously known for being able to take baits without the angler knowing, small baits and small hooks are important for success. When they are hungry, triggerfish can produce fun, excitement and lots of action.

Triggerfish Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Conventional deep-sea fishing tackle including: deep-sea fishing rods and reels, spinning rods and reels, bait-casting rods and bait-casting reels in shallow areas. As mentioned above, triggerfish generally are not specifically targeted but may be caught while bottom fishing for other varieties of bottom fish.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing for Triggerfish:

We fish for many different types of fish. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

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