Order and Family:
Order: Perciformes (Bluefish)
Family: Pomatomidae (Bluefish)
Genus: Pomatomus (Bluefish)
Species: Pomatomus saltatrix (Bluefish)

Bluefish are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami in the winter and springtime (commonly know as the Bluefish run in South Florida.) Therapy-IV Miami Charter Fishing Boats: 305-945-1578.

Bluefish Characteristics:

The Bluefish run coincides with the annual migration of mackerel and they can be found traveling very close to schools of Spanish mackerel and cero mackerel. It is not uncommon to catch bluefish, cero mackerel and Spanish mackerel at the same time on a Miami Deep Sea fishing trip. Bluefish have many razor sharp teeth in their mouth and care should be taken when handling them due to those razor sharp teeth. Bluefish have blue or greenish blue color on their upper body, their sides are a silvery shade of color. Blues have a large mouth and extremely sharp teeth. Bluefish are extremely aggressive and caution and care should be taken when handling any size bluefish. It is a good idea to always use fishing gloves when handling bluefish but care and caution should still be exercised even when using gloves. Bluefish frequent Miami waters in the late fall, winter and springtime. They follow schools of baitfish that are moving South during those times of the year. They are chompers and they feed aggressively on the schools of baitfish that they are following. Large schools of bluefish can often be seen offshore of the Miami Beach beaches. A good indication that there are bluefish in an area is to look for splashing or churning water and birds, sea gulls or terns diving down near splashing water. The correct spelling and pronunciation of this fish is bluefish, which is sometimes misspelled as blue fish. Bluefish have also been knick-named: blues and choppers. Because of their aggressiveness, it is our opinion that care and caution should be taken by swimmers not to be in the water at the beaches when there are bluefish swimming or feeding. Bluefish fishing in Miami can be lots of fun for adults and families with kids.

Bluefish Locations:

Bluefish can be found in offshore and inshore waters while bluefish fishing in Miami. Generally, bluefish can be found offshore of the beaches and can be found offshore of Miami and Miami Beach and not too far offshore. This is very good for bluefish fishing in Miami because they can be found on a very quick trip from the dock to the fishing grounds, especially if the charter fishing boat that you choose docks very close to an inlet and very close to the ocean. The Therapy-IV charter fishing boats on Miami Beach, Florida (305-945-1578) dock very close to the ocean and just a few short minutes from Haulover inlet. It is a very short run of only a few minutes, from the dock, to be able to catch bluefish during their migration to Miami and Miami Beach waters. Schools of larger bluefish can also be found further offshore and can often be found from just offshore of the Miami beaches to the areas offshore and over the reefs while they are migrating and chasing baitfish. Although bluefish are generally thought of as a top feeding fish, they can be caught on the surface or below the surface. Many anglers look forward to bluefish fishing in Miami and bluefish fishing in Miami Beach because they are exciting to catch and easy to find when they are schooling. They do seem to bite better and show up on cold fronts especially when the winds are out of a northerly and north westerly direction.

Bluefish Size / Weight Range:

It is common to catch bluefish in Miami from about 2-pounds to about 6 or 8 pounds. It is still common to catch bluefish up to about 12-pounds, although there are fewer in this range than in the lower weight categories. Bluefish can be found above 15 pounds and can grow to above 20 pounds, which is monstrous size for bluefish. Bluefish are very popular fish in the northern regions of the United States in the summertime, especially in New York and New Jersey. New York bluefish fishing and bluefish fishing in New Jersey are very popular in the summertime. They are very popular table fare in those areas. However, bluefish are considered to have very soft, dark and oily meat and care should be taken to keep them chilled, on ice, due to the consistency of their flesh. They are considered to have a dark grayish type of meat and fishermen (guys and

Bluefish Fighting Ability:

Bluefish are excellent fighters on the appropriate type of tackle. Blues are excellent fighting fish, especially on lighter tackle such as spinning rods and reels, on light or medium conventional fishing rods and reels and on bait-casting rods and reels. Smaller and medium size bluefish put up a good fight on spinning tackle and on bait-casting rods and reels. Bluefish fishing in Miami can be very exciting because when a school of bluefish is located the action is often fast and furious.

Bluefish Fishing in Miami – Fishing Techniques:

Generally when there are bluefish present, they are good, hardy and aggressive feeders. Trolling, live bait fishing, surfcasting and pier fishing are all good methods for bluefish fishing in Miami. They can also be caught while drift fishing and while anchor fishing. Our opinion is that the best method for catching bluefish is trolling and charter boat fishing in Miami because a lot of water can be covered while trolling and it is easy to run from one area to another when schools of splashing fish or diving birds are spotted. Pier fishing can also be a blast (a lot of fun) when the bluefish are feeding.

Types of Bait for Bluefish Fishing in Miami:

Bluefish are very hardy and aggressive feeders and will feed on almost any type of bait. Some of the excellent bait for bluefish fishing in Miami includes live bait, fresh bait, lures, feather jigs and spoons of different sizes. Ballyhoo, mullet, bonito strips, live shrimp, pilchards, sardines, goggle eye jacks, pinfish, small silver beaded Clarke spoons, Drone spoons, feathers and bucktails all make excellent bait for catching bluefish. Also, small or medium size trolling feathers tipped with a bonito strip or strip of pork rind will be very appealing to any bluefish swimming by. Because bluefish have lots of very sharp teeth, it is always a good idea to use a leader wire when bluefish fishing in Miami and when bluefish fishing in Miami Beach. Chumming often helps, when in a school of bluefish, especially when drifting or anchoring.

Bluefish Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Conventional fishing tackle includes light or medium size deep-sea fishing rods and reels and deep-sea fishing rods attached to trolling planers with spoons or baits. Spinning rods of most types work well when fishing from piers or from boats. Bait casting reels are frequently used from piers with good success in being able to land bluefish. Planers or wire line rods with silver #3 1/2 Drone spoons or baits, when fished near the surface, may be very successful for catching bluefish while trolling. Fishing with chain leads and small Clarke spoons, on flat lines, can often help to improve catches while bluefish fishing in Miami. Surf fisherman should not wade into the water when surf fishing in Miami.

Bluefish Fishing in Miami:

We fish for many different types of fish. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

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