Order and Family:
Perciformes (Golden Tilefish, Gray Tilefish, Blueline Tilefish)
Malacanthidae (Golden Tilefish, Gray Tilefish, Blueline Tilefish)

Genus and species:
Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps (Golden Tilefish)
Caulolatilus microps (Gray Tilefish, Blueline Tilefish)


Tilefish are deep-water bottom fish that are generally caught while Tilefish fishing in Miami and while Tilefish fishing in Miami Beach. Therapy-IV charter fishing boats Miami and Miami Beach, Phone: (305-945-1578)

Tilefish Characteristics:

Generally speaking, there are two types of deepwater Tilefish in Miami and Miami Beach offshore waters, golden tilefish and gray tilefish. Golden tilefish are sometimes referred to as great northern tilefish. The “golden tiles” or golden tilefish are by far, the most colorful tilefish in the Miami and Miami Beach offshore fishing locations. Golden tilefish are beautifully colored and they light up when in the water near the surface. They appear to have beautiful fluorescent coloring when they are in the water with shades of green, blue and white and they also have yellow or gold spots. Gold tilefish also have beautiful very pretty iridescent colors.

Gray tilefish, also known as blueline tilefish, are just what the name implies. They are mostly gray in color with a twinge of blue color at times, mostly seen in their fins or near their eyes and mouth. In South Florida, gray tilefish are often smaller than golden tilefish.

Gold tilefish also have a large fatty flap just forward of their dorsal fin. This fatty flap on golden tilefish is sometimes referred to as a tilefish adipose flap or adipose crest. Adipose means fat or fatty, so, golden tilefish have a fatty flap just forward of their dorsal fin. Tilefish are considered to be a very tasty fish when cooked. Many say that they taste similar to lobsters when boiled in salt water and then dipped in butter. It is said that tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico and larger tilefish especially from the Gulf of Mexico may contain mercury.

Tilefish Locations:

Golden tilefish are caught on the bottom, usually over sandy bottom and not usually while wreck fishing. They are caught in very deep water while drifting and while power drifting. Deep Sea fishing Miami for tilefish can be done with just a short ride offshore. Generally, the best tilefish fishing in Miami occurs in the deep indigo blue water of the Gulf Stream. Also, the best conditions for tilefish fishing in Miami is when there is a light to moderate north current although tilefish fishing in Miami can also be good with no current or a slight south current. The best wind and sea conditions for golden tilefish fishing in Miami is when there is a light southeast wind and a mild to moderate north current. Tilefish fishing in Miami can be fun for adults and families with kids and teenagers.

Tilefish generally hang out on the bottom in small groups that are also called pods. They are generally not considered to school up in large groups. Gray tilefish may be caught in shallower depths of water compared to golden tilefish. Golden tilefish are a deep-water fish that are usually caught in depths of water deeper than 500 feet.

Although often smaller than the golden tilefish, gray tilefish may bite over wrecks or sunken ships. There are reports that gray tilefish are plentiful in Florida. It appears, however, that golden tilefish are more plentiful offshore of Miami and offshore of Miami Beach compared to gray tilefish. Generally and with favorable sea conditions there is usually pretty consistent action for those that go Deep Sea fishing in Miami for tilefish.

Tilefish Size / Weight Range:

There are several types of tilefish and weights and sizes can vary significantly. Tilefish fishing in Miami and tilefish fishing in Miami Beach can produce wide variations in the size and weight of golden tilefish and gray tilefish. They can vary in size from about two or three pounds to very nice tilefish of 10 pounds, 15 pounds or more. Tilefish can grow to well over 20 pounds. Although tilefish action can be very good, in general, tilefish fishing in Miami does not produce the larger tilefish such as those that are caught while tilefish fishing in New York and while tilefish fishing in New Jersey. Tilefish fishing is very popular in Miami and Miami Beach and is also very popular in New York and in New Jersey.

Tilefish Fighting Ability:

Most golden tilefish are lots of fun to catch, especially on electric fishing reels. Because the success rate is often good when fishing for tilefish in deep offshore Miami fishing locations and offshore of Miami Beach, tilefish fishing can be lots of fun and action packed. Fishing for tilefish on hand crank fishing rods and reels can be quite difficult and laborious because of using large weights in depths of over 500 feet. Most anglers prefer using electric reels when tilefish fishing in Miami. Even with an electric reel and while pushing the button on the electric reel, nice size tilefish and golden tilefish will pull down hard and shake the tip of the fishing rod downward which is exciting to watch. Many big sharks love to feast on tilefish and often while tilefish fishing in Miami and while tilefish fishing in Miami Beach, big sharks can be caught on the surface or may grab a tilefish on the way up and then get ready for a battle royal.

Tilefish Fishing in Miami – Fishing Techniques:

Golden tilefish fishing in Miami is done on the bottom in deep Miami ocean water or deep Gulf Stream water of 500 feet or deeper. Even though this sounds like it would be far offshore, it is not. The Therapy-IV charter fishing boats (305-945-1578) dock at Haulover Park which is right next to Haulover inlet and just a short distance to the fishing grounds including areas for Miami tilefish fishing and Miami Beach tilefish fishing. Up and down bottom fishing rigs are often used although some fishermen (guys and gals) like to use coat hanger type rigs where the coat hanger with attached weights sits on the bottom while the bait drifts behind it.

Gray tilefish can be caught while bottom fishing offshore of Miami and at times while wreck fishing in depths over 240 feet of water. Although gray tilefish may be caught over wrecks and deep-water bottom fishing spots, golden tilefish are usually caught over sandy bottom areas.

Types of Bait for Tilefish Fishing in Miami:

There are many different types of bait that can be used for tilefish fishing in Miami. Whole ballyhoo, ballyhoo strips, ballyhoo plugs, bonito strips and squid make excellent Miami tilefish fishing baits.

Tilefish Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Since most tilefish are caught in deep water, heavy-duty, big fishing rods and reels are used including big hand-crank fishing reels and electric reels including electric wire line reels. Large sinkers and weights are often used with weights of 3-5 pounds or more not being uncommon.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing For Tilefish:

We fish for many different types of fish. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

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*Certain types of fish and sharks may be restricted during certain closure periods

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