Dolphin Fishing Miami

Dolphin Fishing aboard Therapy-IV

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)

Dolphin Fishing in Miami and Miami Beach also known as Dolphin (fish) Fishing can be lots of fun and provide lots of action. Many people come to go deep sea fishing in Miami Beach. It is a great place to fish. There are many different varieties of fish that often makes fishing in South Florida and off of the Miami Beach coast very exciting and very interesting.

This is fishing for the dolphin (fish) and not, of course, for the dolphin mammals. Captain Stan has been fishing these South Florida waters for over 40 years and has lots and lots of Dolphin Fishing experience. Dolphin are here all year round although they are usually most plentiful during the late spring and summer months. Dolphin can range in size from smaller fish to very large size fish. Often, the big bull dolphin are the largest and they can get quite large and provide lots of tugging once hooked.

Dolphin are beautifully colored fish and provide fun for locals and for tourists who are vacationing in Miami Beach from other places in the United States and also people from many countries around the world.There are many people who live here in South Florida who have their own boats or have friends who may have boats. Those folks are fortunate that they have the opportunity to experience the fun of going out to try and catch Dolphin and other fish. On the other hand, there are many people who do not have boats and that’s where the THERAPY-IV Deep Sea Fishing Boats on Miami Beach (305-945-1578) can help to accommodate you or your group to go out in the Atlantic Ocean and go Dolphin Fishing and fishing for other types of game fish.

Dolphin can be caught by several different fishing methods. Trolling is an excellent method of Dolphin Fishing. When trolling, the boat moves the entire time until the fish start biting. Once the fish start to bite the boat may continue to move at a very, very slow speed or the boat may stop while catching the fish. Often when the fish come up behind the boat, we change to lighter tackle spinning rods with chunks of bait or small live-baits. Often Dolphin can be found around patches of seaweed or along seaweed lines. Also, when fishing in the Gulf Stream, diving birds, Flying Fish or splashes in the water can be a good indication of Dolphin, Tuna, Bonitos, Sailfish, Marlin or other fish feeding in the area. It is always important to keep an eye open for these signs that may indicate some nice fish in the area.

The THERAPY-IV deep-sea Charter Fishing Boats are big, gorgeous, air-conditioned and loaded with amenities to try and make your trip fun and memorable. The THERAPY-IV Charter Boats are both equipped with great fishing tackle, electronics including depth recorders with fish finders, main level, flying bridge and magnificent tuna towers. We have big-screen TV’s with surround sound stereo systems, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, nice bathrooms, and much, much more. Capt. Stan will be happy to help you make your Deep Sea Fishing Charter arrangements aboard the THERAPY-IV.

Let’s go deep-sea Charter Boat Fishing aboard the THERAPY-IV in luxury and style !!!
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