The Amberjack Species

Order and Family:
Perciformes Carangidae (Greater Amberjack)
Perciformes Carangidae (Almaco Jack)
Genus and Species:
Seriola dumerili (Greater Amberjack)
Seriola rivoliana (Almaco Jack)

Amberjack are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami and while Wreck Fishing in Miami

Amberjack Characteristics:

Amberjack are sometimes called golden amberjack because of the distinctive gold stripe across the upper middle part of their body. The upper body and body of an amberjack is a blend of brown, gold and iridescent purplish colors. They are very solid and strong in appearance. Amberjacks are generally bottom feeding fish although they may hit above the bottom especially near artificial reefs or other submerged objects.


Amberjack Locations:

Amberjack are often found offshore, over wrecks and artificial reefs. They can be found in the offshore waters of Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale nearly all year round.

Amberjack Size / Weight Range:

Size of amberjacks may vary depending on the depth, fishing location and time of the year. It is common when amberjack fishing in Miami and Miami Beach to catch these powerful fighting fish in the 10-pound to 40-pound range. Generally, amberjack fishing in Miami is best in the late winter and springtime and the fish are often larger during these times of the year. Amberjack above 50-pounds to 60-pounds are nice big and very powerful fish. They can get much larger than 60 pounds. Amberjack fishing in Miami can produce some very nice big fish.

Amberjack Fighting Ability:

Amberjack are excellent strong fighting fish on conventional fishing tackle including conventional deep-sea fishing rods and deep-sea fishing reels. They also put up a great fight on spinning rods and spinning reels. When amberjack fishing in Miami over deep wrecks with bigger fish, conventional fishing tackle and conventional deep-sea fishing rods and deep-sea fishing reels are recommended. Generally, conventional fishing gear with 60-pound test is sufficient when fishing over artificial reefs and deep-water bottom spots.

Amberjack Fishing in Miami – Fishing Techniques:

Wreck fishing, artificial reef fishing, bottom fishing, charter boat fishing, deep jigging and drift fishing. Becoming proficient in several different techniques can help to increase your success with catching amberjack. At times, a certain technique may work well and on other fishing trips perhaps another technique will work better.

Types of Bait for Amberjack Fishing in Miami:

Live bait is excellent for amberjack fishing in Miami over deep-water artificial reefs especially in the late winter and springtime. Live bait includes: live small bonitos, blue runners, goggle eyes, pinfish and mullet. Other live bait can also be used. Deep jigging can also produce some big amberjack. Deep jigging with a vertical jig or with a large heavy jig tipped with ballyhoo or a bonito strip can also be quite successful. Vertical jigs have become quite popular and have surpassed the popularity of big heavy jigs tipped with ballyhoo or a bonito strip.

Amberjack Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Conventional fishing tackle with conventional deep-sea fishing rods and reels are recommended for deep-water fishing over artificial reefs. Large spinning rods and spinning reels can be used but it is often very difficult to pull a big AJ away from a wreck with spinning tackle thus causing the line to break when a big jack dives down deep. A good depth recorder and fish finder is important for amberjack fishing in Miami.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing For Amberjack:

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