Marlin Fishing in Miami

Blue Marlin

Atlantic Blue Marlin

Marlin fishing in Miami and Miami Beach aboard the THERAPY-IV is an exhilarating experience. Although not specifically targeted, Marlin can be caught while fishing for Sailfish, Sharks and other South Florida fish. Blue Marlin can be one of the toughest fish in the ocean to battle. They are not a common catch off of the South Florida coast but can be found in our Miami waters mostly during the summer. White Marlin are seen and caught during the fall and spring.

While Deep Sea fishing in Miami Beach aboard the THERAPY-IV, we are always keeping an eye open for signs that may lead to big fish, including Marlin. White Marlin and Blue Marlin can be large and uniquely powerful. Marlin Fishing is very exciting because Marlin often jump a lot after being hooked. Marlin may fight on the surface or sometimes they sound and go down deep. If a Blue Marlin sounds, usually the battle gets tougher, especially with a very large fish. Blue Marlins can range in size from 250-1000 pounds.

The captain and the crew aboard the THERAPY-IV are experienced in all of our local fishing methods including special techniques for our local Marlin Fishing. Capt. Stan has over 40 years of Miami Marlin Fishing experience. The THERAPY-IV Deep Sea fishing charter boats are two, big, gorgeous air-conditioned charter fishing boats that offer deep sea fishing in 1st class luxury and style. They also feature the best fishing tackle including great fishing rods and reels. Deep Sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off of Miami is exciting because of the great variety of big fish and bottom fish that can be caught.

The THERAPY-IV welcomes beginners and experienced anglers. For reservations including Marlin Fishing, Sailfish Fishing and Shark Fishing in Miami, give Capt. Stan a call at the THERAPY-IV (305-945-1578) and he will be happy to assist you with making your plans to go deep sea fishing. The boats dock on Miami Beach at Bill Bird Marina in Haulover Park- a scenic area with beautiful water views. Deep sea fishing in miami beach will be an adventure!

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