Mako Sharks

Order: Lamniformes (Shortfin and Lonfin Mako Shark)
Family: Lamnidae (Shortfin and Longfin Mako Shark)
Genus: Isurus (Shortfin and Longfin Mako Shark)
Species: oxyrinchus (Shortfin Mako Shark),
Paucus (Longfin Mako Shark)


mako shark

Mako Sharks are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami for sharks, often on the surface

Mako Shark Characteristics:

Mako sharks are considered highly prized fish in Miami and Miami Beach. They are very dangerous and ferocious apex predators. The shortfin mako shark is caught more frequently compared to the longfin mako shark. The name shortfin mako shark and longfin mako shark generally is used to describe the size of the mako’s pectoral fins. One look at a mako shark with its huge fang-like teeth will send shivers through even the most skilled anglers. Makos have a very strong and powerful body. Their coloration may be best described as a metallic cobalt blue with a white belly or underside. They have a fearsome looking mouth with huge fanged teeth that bulge outward. They are extremely fierce looking.

Mako Shark Locations:

Mako sharks are generally thought of as offshore fish. They can be found in the Gulf Stream or inshore of the Gulf Stream. Since there are no fences in the ocean, fish, including makos, can swim wherever they want. Although generally thought of as an offshore fish they can be found in inshore and offshore waters. Mako sharks are often found in the Gulf Stream offshore of Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale on the surface or near the surface. Makos are usually not specifically targeted and may be caught while fishing for other species of sharks.

Mako Shark Size / Weight Range:

Although not a common catch in South Florida, it is not unusual to see makos in approximately the 150-pound to 300-pound range. They can grow much larger than 500 pounds. Mako sharks are a highly prized catch and are considered a beautiful trophy fish. Replica trophy mounts are also available for mako sharks and other Deep Sea fish.

Mako Shark Fighting Ability:

Excellent. Mako sharks are big, fast, very strong and great fighters. They can leap out of the water. It is a spectacular sight to see a mako leap out of the water. Shark fishing in Miami can be very exciting and a lot of fun. It is not easy to wind a mako shark up to the boat.

Shark Fishing Miami – Shark Fishing Techniques:

Surface fishing, live bait fishing, kite fishing, shark fishing, monster fishing is fishing with live bait and or fresh big bait on the surface and on or near the bottom, charter boat fishing and bottom fishing with large fresh bait. Most mako sharks are caught on or near the surface when shark fishing in Miami. One of the best techniques while shark fishing in Miami is to always be aware of what is going on in your surroundings. Always keep an eye open for a mako swimming near the surface and if lucky enough to spot one you may then proceed to try and bait it with large fresh slabs of bonito, etc. or with live baits. It is always good to be aware of possible mako shark sightings when in a school of fish such as bonito, tuna, dolphin or when fighting a blue marlin. Sharks can be caught while drift fishing but often after a shark is hooked, the captain may have to start the engines to chase the fish as it strips line from the fishing reel. Trolling is generally not considered a good technique for shark fishing in Miami.

Types of Bait for Shark Fishing in Miami:

A hungry mako shark will eat live bait, fresh bait, big bait or smaller bait. They may eat anything from a fresh ballyhoo, mullet or live bait to a whole mackerel, bonito, barracuda or kingfish. Makos are known to eat dead rigged mullet or small bonito hanging from an outrigger and just bobbing up and down at the water’s surface. Live blue runners, small bonito, also known as flippers or flipper bonito are excellent bait for mako sharks. The following fresh baits are also good when shark fishing in Miami: fresh bonito strips, fresh bonito slabs, kingfish slabs, deboned fish like small bonito, mullet, bottom fish and many other types of fresh fish. Kingfish slabs can work well for catching sharks but they are a little soft and sometimes it is difficult to maintain their shape and texture.

Shark Fishing in Miami – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Deep Sea fishing tackle including deep-sea fishing rods and reels are usually best since mako sharks are big, fast and powerful and they have tremendous leaping ability. 60-pound test line may be okay but 80-pound test line or heavier may work better on bigger fish. In general, wire lines fished on or near the bottom also work well for shark fishing in Miami but remember that most makos are caught on or near the surface in Miami and Miami Beach.

Miami Shark Fishing:

We fish for many different types of fish. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

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