Blacktip Sharks

Also known as Black Tip Sharks
Order: Carcharhiniformes (Blacktip Shark)
Family: Carcharhinidae (Blacktip Shark)
Genus: Carcharhinus (Blacktip Shark)
Species: limbatus (Blacktip Shark)

Blacktip Sharks are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami and while Shark Fishing in Miami

blacktip shark

Blacktip Shark Characteristics:

Generally, the correct spelling of this type of shark is blacktip shark. It is sometimes spelled as black tip shark. These sharks can be found in shallow water and also offshore of Miami and Miami Beach. Blacktip sharks are generally very strong with a powerful body. They can put up a great fight on conventional deep-sea fishing tackle and on spinning rods and spinning reels. Large blacktip sharks may be difficult to fight on spinning tackle especially when offshore fishing in Miami in deep water. Many different species of sharks can be dangerous because of their multiple rows of sharp teeth, their speed, quickness and strength. Blacktips are very powerful and very strong. Their coloration may vary. They may be gray or a gray type color and may also vary to a brown or golden brown on the upper body and a whitish coloration on the lower body. These sharks get their name from the black markings on the tips of their fins. Sometimes they may be confused with spinner sharks. Spinner sharks look very similar to blacktips. Blacktip sharks are apex predators. They have teeth that are replaceable throughout their lifetime. The Blacktip Shark and the spinner shark can come out of the water when feeding. It is very exciting to see a blacktip or a spinner shark propel themselves out of the water, sometimes leaping and spinning in mid-air.

Blacktip Shark Locations:

They are often found in offshore waters but may inhabit inshore and offshore waters. They are frequently found on or near the surface in the ocean or in the Gulf Stream offshore of Miami and Miami Beach.

Blacktip Shark Size / Weight Range:

They average approximately 10-pounds or less to approximately 40-pounds although larger blacktip sharks above 40-pounds are not uncommon. These sharks can grow to lengths of well over 7 feet long. Blacktips are considered to be a beautiful trophy fish. Replica trophy mounts are also available for blacktip sharks and other Deep Sea fish.

Blacktip Shark Fighting Ability:

Excellent. They are one of the best fighting sharks in Miami and Miami Beach. Small blacktip sharks are also a favorite on spinning tackle. Blacktips of all sizes can match many other big game fish for their ability to fight hard. They often put up a great fight with long, hard, runs. Blacktip sharks, especially in shallow water, may jump, twist and spin while putting on an exciting aerial display. A large blacktip shark may be difficult to land on a spinning rod and reel. Many people go Deep Sea fishing in Miami wanting to catch a shark or other big-game fish. Shark fishing in Miami and Miami Beach can be very exciting.

Miami Shark Fishing – Fishing Techniques:

Live bait fishing, kite fishing, monster fishing (fishing on the surface and the bottom with live bait and or big fresh bait), power drifting, charter boat fishing, drift fishing, shark fishing in Miami and sometimes caught while anchor fishing. Most blacktip sharks are caught on or near the surface.

Types of Bait for Shark Fishing in Miami:

A blacktip shark will eat live bait including: small bonito, blue runners, pinfish, mullet, pilchards, sardines, goggle eyes, big live shrimp and herring. Blacktip sharks will also feed on fresh bait including: ballyhoo, mullet, bonito strips, kingfish strips and strips or slabs of other South Florida fish. For casters, blacktip sharks will also feed on an assortment of artificial feather jigs especially when tipped with fresh bonito strips. Blacktips will often pass up live bait to eat a fresh ballyhoo that is just being drifted or power drifted.

Miami Shark Fishing – Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Conventional deep-sea fishing rods and reels with 50-pound test line to 60-pound test line or heavier, wire line rods with large fresh bait. Light tackle fishermen enjoy trying for blacktip sharks on heavy-duty spinning rods and reels and some enjoy trying for blacktip sharks on fly rods, especially in shallow water. When shark fishing in Miami and Miami Beach remember, as mentioned above, that blacktip sharks seem to mostly feed on or near the surface.

Miami Deep Sea Shark Fishing:

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