Blue Marlin

Order: Perciformes (Blue Marlin)
Family: Istiophoridae (Blue Marlin)
Genus: Makaira (Blue Marlin)
Species: nigricans (Blue Marlin)

Blue Marlin are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami, offshore, usually in the Gulf Stream

blue marlin

Blue Marlin Characteristics:

Blue Marlin are the largest and most powerful of the Florida billfish. They usually have dark blue coloration across the upper portion of their body and may have a gold or copper appearance below the dark blue area. Their lower sides and belly area may be generally described as a darker silvery type shade of white color. Their coloration can vary. They generally have beautiful blue vertical stripes from behind the head to forward of the tail. Blue marlin may ‘light up’ with fluorescent blue coloration on their fins, tail and body stripes before striking the bait. There is no mistaking the dorsal fin of a blue marlin when compared to a sailfish or a white marlin. The front of a blue marlin’s dorsal fin is sharply pointed in appearance whereas the front of a white marlin’s dorsal fin is rounded in appearance. A sailfish has the largest dorsal fin of these billfish and its fin is very big and resembles a sail. Blue marlin have a dark, usually long, solid and coarse bill. They are among the fastest swimming fish in the ocean. They feed on dolphin (fish), (also known as mahi-mahi or dorado), tuna, bonito, artic bonito and other fish including smaller fish such as flying fish. They feed mostly, although not exclusively, near the surface. Blue marlin fishing in Miami can be extremely exciting after hooking up because they are big, strong, powerful and often put on a spectacular aerial display.

Blue Marlin Locations:

Blue marlin are often found offshore in the Gulf Stream. They can be found in the offshore waters of Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale in the dark indigo blue Gulf Stream water. They are frequently found on or near the ocean’s surface.

Blue Marlin Size / Weight Range:

It is common to see blue marlin in approximately the 150-lb. to approximately the 300-lb. range. Larger ones may be seen above 300 lbs. Blue Marlin above 500 lbs. are not a common catch offshore of Miami. Much larger ‘blues’ over 500 pounds may be found in the Gulf Stream waters offshore of Miami and Miami Beach. Blue Marlin are a highly prized catch and a fish that is considered a beautiful trophy fish. Replica trophy mounts are also available for blue marlin and other Deep Sea fish.

Blue Marlin Fighting Ability:

Excellent. Blue Marlin are big, fast and very powerful. They often put on a spectacular aerial show. They are known for greyhounding. Greyhounding is when a blue marlin comes completely, horizontally out of the water often in rapid successive leaps. One of the most spectacular visual sights while deep-sea fishing in Miami is seeing a large blue marlin hurl itself out of the water and into the air. It is not uncommon to see a huge ‘blue’ come out of the water in a visual display of strength and power. Blue marlin are big, strong and very tough fighters. They are excellent fighters. Because of their size, strength and power, it is not an easy task to wind one of these big fish in. Blue marlin fishing in Miami and Miami Beach can be a very exciting and memorable experience.

Blue Marlin Fishing in Miami – Fishing Techniques:

Trolling, live bait fishing, kite fishing and Deep Sea charter boat fishing. Sometimes they may be caught while drift fishing or anchor fishing. Blue marlin are often not specifically targeted when Deep Sea fishing in Miami and are often caught while fishing for other varieties of big fish such as sailfish, dolphin (mahi-mahi or dorado), wahoo, barracuda and tuna. There are many types of fish that can be caught while fishing for blue marlin.

Types of Bait for Blue Marlin Fishing in Miami:

Trolling with ballyhoo, mullet, mackerel or trolling lures can be an excellent deep-sea fishing technique for blue marlin fishing in Miami. The use of a bright fluorescent hula skirt may help when fished with ballyhoo. Horse ballyhoo along with leaded and unleaded rigged trolling mullet make excellent trolling baits. Whole deboned mackerel also make excellent trolling bait for large ‘blues’. Trolling lures or artificial trolling lures can work well and can be towed at faster speeds which allows more water area to be covered on a fishing trip. Kite fishing and live bait fishing can be effective techniques for catching blue marlin, however, one covers less water area when live bait fishing and when kite fishing and since blue marlin are not plentiful in Miami, trolling may offer an advantage since more water and area can be covered while trolling. Charter fishing boats in Miami may raise blue marlin while trolling, live bait fishing and kite fishing. These big and strong billfish can also be caught while drifting although this is often rare. It is important to frequently look behind and under the trolling baits and to be constantly looking for sailfish, marlin and other fish that may be approaching a bait or off in the distance.

Blue Marlin Fishing – Rods / Reels / Equipment:

Generally, conventional deep-sea fishing tackle is best although blue marlin can also be caught on lighter tackle. Conventional deep-sea fishing rods and reels with 60-pound line, 80-pound line or heavier are often used when blue marlin fishing in Miami. Good quality sunglasses or polarized type sunglasses are very important for spotting big fish when Deep Sea fishing in Miami.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing for Blue Marlin:

We go Deep Sea fishing for many different types of fish aboard the Therapy-IV. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

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