Baitfish for Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

There are many different types of baitfish in Miami that can produce excellent Deep Sea Fishing results

Deep Sea fishing in Miami can be lots of fun. Here are some of the types of bait that are used when Deep Sea fishing in Miami:


Flying fish

(flying fish are not often used for bait but they are a favorite of many big game fish in Miami. Sailfish, marlin, big dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and many other varieties of big game fish like to feed on flying fish).


(ballyhoo are a very popular baitfish. Ballyhoo are a favorite bait of many big game fish, many reef fish and many bottom fish. Ballyhoo can be used as live bait, as fresh trolled bait, bottom bait, wreck fishing bait, drift fishing bait, and as anchor fishing bait. Ballyhoo can also be used whole, in plugs, strips and as chunks when bottom fishing. Sailfish, marlin, including blue marlin and white marlin, big dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish and many other varieties of big game fish like to feed on ballyhoo. Many varieties of bottom fish including amberjack; cobia, grouper, snapper and tilefish also like to feed on ballyhoo).


(mullet are a popular baitfish but need more preparation compared to other baitfish. Mullet are a favorite of many big game fish including sailfish, marlin, blue marlin and white marlin. Mullet can be used as live bait, trolled bait, leaded or unleaded trolled bait, bottom bait, wreck fishing bait, kite fishing bait, drift fishing bait, and as anchor fishing bait. Mullet can be used whole, in strips or chunks made from the strips. Generally, when using mullet strips or chunks as described above, the scales should be removed from the mullet. When trolling a mullet, the mullet must be deboned and the gills should be gently sewn closed with dental floss or with dental tape. Generally, the head of a mullet is flattened slightly when used as trolling bait).

Goggle eye or Goggle eyes

(goggle eyes make excellent live bait for live bait fishing in Miami. Goggle eyes also make excellent bait for kite fishing in Miami. They are a favorite live bait of sailfish, marlin and big kingfish. They also make excellent bait when bottom fishing for amberjack, grouper, snapper and cobia. Some people catch their own goggle eyes for bait in the very early morning hours, often just offshore of the beaches. During fishing tournaments, sailfish tournaments, kingfish tournaments and other fishing tournaments, goggle eyes are often purchased for live bait by boats competing in the tournaments).

Pilchards, Herring and Sardines

(pilchards, herring and sardines are excellent baitfish for sailfish, kingfish, bonito, barracuda, dolphin (mahi-mahi), mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, wahoo, tuna and many types of bottom fish including amberjack, almaco jack, grouper, snapper and more. Pilchards can be used as live bait or as fresh bait. Often while sailfish fishing in Miami many boats use live pilchards as chum, throwing bunches of pilchards into the water while fishing. When bottom fishing in Miami, several pilchards might be used on a hook especially when using them while bottom fishing as fresh bait).

Finger Mullet

(finger mullet are small mullet that make excellent bait. They are generally used as live bait when live bait fishing. Finger mullet often need more attention when used as live bait as they are a little more fragile compared to other hardier baitfish. An additional small sinker sometimes needs to be used to keep a finger mullet swimming on the surface when kite fishing. Finger mullet can also be used for trolling, drift fishing and anchor fishing). Finger mullet can be excellent bait for sailfish fishing and kingfish fishing.


(pinfish are small fish that make very good bait for sailfish. Pinfish are also excellent bait for bottom fishing and for wreck fishing in Miami. They are also excellent bait for amberjack and for grouper fishing. Pinfish need to be watched and monitored carefully when used as live bait because they are fragile, especially if power drifting. Care must be used when handling pinfish due to their sharp fins. Also, care must be used when preparing a pinfish as live bait to ensure that their sharp fins will not stick a sailfish or other billfish when they are trying to eat the pinfish). Some fishermen trim the sharp tips of pinfish fins before putting them out as surface bait.

Small Bonito

(small bonito might very well be the best all around live bait fish that we have in Miami and in South Florida. Bonito are also known as little tunny, and false albacore. Small bonito are often plentiful all year round. They are commonly caught in the indigo blue Gulf Stream water especially when the Gulf Stream moves into depths of 120 feet or less. They can be used when live bait fishing in Miami. They often make better live bait when fished from the outriggers, when fished from flat lines or when fished as live bait for bottom fishing. Small bonito can make excellent bait for kite fishing but they seem to need less care when not used as kite fishing bait. Small bonito can also be used as fresh bait for surface fishing and for bottom fishing. Live small bontio are excellent bait for sailfish, marlin, blue marlin, white marlin, sharks, hammerhead sharks and most other sharks, kingfish, big dolphin, wahoo, barracuda, large tuna, and more. They can be used as either live bait or fresh bait on the bottom and they make excellent bottom fishing bait for amberjack, almaco jack, snapper, grouper, cobia, tilefish and more). Bonito is the most often used spelling of this type of fish although at times some may spell it, bonita.

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