Catch the Rush of Miami Deep-sea Fishing with Therapy-IV

Wahoo fishing in Miami

If you fancy the rush of Miami deep sea fishing, then climb aboard the Therapy-IV to battle the might and speed of Wahoos. These sleek, slender beauties known for their brilliant markings and distinct stripes are a sight to behold. Adored by many, Wahoos rank among the fastest fish in the ocean, making them a thrilling catch that never fails to excite.


While fishing for Wahoos off the South Florida coast is possible all year round, nothing beats the late spring and summertime in Miami Beach for Wahoo fishing. The deep indigo blue of the Gulf Stream waters that flow past Miami Beach Shore happens to be the ideal backdrop for some thrilling Wahoo encounters.


Fishing onboard the mighty Therapy-IV, techniques such as drifting, live bait fishing, and trolling are employed for Wahoo fishing. Most Wahoos are caught by trolling, a method we at Therapy-IV have perfected. We troll on the surface using high-quality Ballyhoo, tipped with eye-catching fluorescent hula skirts. Fishing deeper with a planer or wire line, combined with ballyhoo and heavy feathers in vibrant hues, can also yield excellent catches.


But the thrill of Miami deep sea fishing with Therapy-IV isn’t restricted to Wahoos alone. As you leisurely cast your line into the sparkling azure waters, you also stand a chance to catch the mighty Sailfish, a graceful Marlin, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Barracuda, Tuna, Bonito and many more types of fish. With Therapy-IV, prepare to turn your Miami deep sea fishing dreams into unforgettable tales of adventure!


Are you ready to test your angling skills and try catching a Wahoo? To book your trip with Captain Stan and his crew of Miami fishing experts, call us today 305.945.1578.