The Various Types of Miami Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

Miami deep sea fishing allows for many colorful species to be discovered, ranging from marlins to cobias to amberjacks. Many people believe that in order to go Miami deep sea fishing, you must have prior experience, but this is untrue. With the guidance of Captain Stan and his crew, marlin fishing in Miami Beach will become a one-of-a-kind and thrilling new experience.


That said, if you want to brush up on your fishing knowledge before heading out, here are a few of the different deep-sea fishing techniques.


Trolling Fishing

The most common tactic is by far trolling. To mention a few, it can be used to catch tuna, marlin, billfish, and mahi-mahi. You spread out the tackle from the back of the boat with several lures when trolling, especially for different species. A catch might be nearby if you keep an eye out for weedlines, shifting water colors, or other animal species like birds on the water’s surface.


Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is the best method for catching large, delectable fish that hide out near deepwater reefs and wrecks. When your boat is anchored or drifting over areas where fish are known to hide out, bottom fishing entails placing your lure or bait near the ocean floor or even directly on top of it, then watching for fish to bite. You can also use motions like bottom bouncing, in which you pull your bait down the bottom of the river in an effort to imitate bait fish.


Deep Dropping

Deep dropping involves lowering baits very, very deep. This method will be used in waters that are at least 300 feet deep, where you will come across deep sea creatures like the powerful Swordfish. Although deep dropping and bottom fishing are similar, deep dropping is different because of the depths of the water you’ll be fishing in and the gear you’ll require. Typically, your captain will need to use specialized electric deep-drop reels that can strike the ocean floor and bring any large fish that decides to bite to the surface. 


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