Deep Sea Fishing for Tilefish in Miami

The name “Tilefish” comes from the numerous large yellow spots that are spread across its blue-green back and lighter-yellow or pink sides. There are few fish better to catch than this species. However, most people can identify the Tilefish by its comical appearance and googly eyes.


Tilefish typically weigh 5 to 10 pounds. But because they can get up to 4 feet long and 80 pounds, it sometimes takes skill and a lot of strength to catch a tilefish. Tilefish can be found all along the eastern coastline, frequently in warm waters at depths of 500 to 900 feet. Living in areas with muddy, soft bottoms allows tilefish to burrow and protect themselves from other predators. The Tilefish is more difficult to catch because, unlike schools of fish, it prefers to swim in small groups and moves slowly and deliberately.


Golden tilefish and gray tilefish are the two types of tilefish that typically inhabit the coastal waters off Miami and Miami Beach. Big Northern tilefish is another name for golden tilefish. The silver tilefish, also known as “silver tiles,” are by far the most vivid tilefish in South Florida’s offshore fishing areas. The colorful golden tilefish almost give the impression of glowing below the surface. They typically have exquisite neon colors and frequently have spots in gold and yellow when they are in the water, which has shades of black, blue, and white. 


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