Five Benefits of Deep Sea Fishing in Miami during the Fall and Winter Seasons

Although many people associate fishing with the warmer months of the year, Florida is actually home to four distinct seasons, each with its own unique fish population. This means that there is consistently good fishing throughout the year.


Here are five reasons why we love Miami fishing in the fall and winter.


Cooler Weather

If you find the heat of Florida unbearable, the cooler temperatures of fall and winter will be most welcome. The low humidity makes for a relaxing day on the water.


The Sun Is Not As Strong

The sun’s position in the sky is lower in the fall and winter, making the daylight hours more bearable. Since fish populations do not decline after summer ends, anglers can still expect to encounter a rich variety of fish species and a plethora of bites.


Catching Wahoo

The best time to try to catch wahoo in Florida is during the winter, whether you enjoy them for their flavor, the rush you get when one nabs a bite on your line, or just watching them dart through the water.


Spotting Sharks

During the cooler months, sharks tend to congregate in shallower water, making them easier to find (though perhaps not to catch!). During the winter, blacktip and spinner sharks in particular have been observed migrating through Florida waters.


Family Fun

Fishing is always a good family activity, and because there are fewer people around in the fall and winter, it’s simpler to book a full or half-day charter with us.


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