Right Now Is the Best Time to Catch Dolphinfish

In the past, April through May was regarded as the best time to catch dolphinfish, but no longer is this the case. Instead, August and September are now looked upon as the best months to catch the ferocious and colorful sea creature in the waters of South Florida.

Although there are no solid scientific findings to support this change in dolphinfish fishing, some experienced fishermen claim that the increase in water temperature is the reason why the fall is a more active season for dolphinfish. It is possible to believe that the dolphinfish are simply learning to adapt to their environment. For just as it is probable that modern dolphinfish may not bite as aggressively as they once did, it is also probable they are choosing alternate migration routes to escape the pressure of Miami fishing.

Nevertheless, dolphinfish continue to be a favorite among fisherman, and they’re a thrilling catch because they often do aerial acrobatics while fighting furiously. In addition, their vibrant green, blue, and yellow coloring makes them easy to identify.

Although there is no designated season for dolphinfish, there is a daily bag restriction of ten fish per person or sixty per boat. The minimum length of a dolphinfish from the tip of its mouth to the fork of its tail is twenty inches.

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