How to Reel in Your First Monster Catch

Marlin fishing in Miami Beach can be a pleasant experience, but it’s also a sport. A little knowledge of Miami deep sea fishing will help you deal with any unexpected situations that may arise. For example, here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to reeling in a deep sea monster.

The first step is to relax. When a fish takes out line and reels furiously, new anglers tend to worry, twisting the line each time they crank it if they’re using a spinning rod. Allow the drag and rod to do the heavy lifting.

When the fish aren’t taking more line, it’s time to go to work. The easiest way to catch fish is to lift the rod up softly and then reel it down as you lower it, employing a pumping motion. Small, smooth strokes are preferable over wide, sudden sweeps since they will keep the line tighter and the fish calmer.

When the fish gets close to the boat, this is a vital point in the struggle because the fish will typically panic. Land the fish by using a net. If you’re releasing the fish, moisten the net to make it less abrasive on the fish’s protective slime. If you have a helper, position them between you and the fish and guide them toward the net by walking backwards when you can no longer reel. If the fish suddenly goes beneath the boat, keep the rod tip straight down in the water to avoid snagging the boat’s bottom or fouling the lower unit of the motor. 

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