How Weather Impacts Fishing in Miami Beach

The weather has a major impact when marlin fishing in Miami Beach. Those who believe clear, bluebird skies if the finest weather to fish might just want to reconsider. Here’s a look at fishing in less-sunny weather conditions. 


When the sun is shining brightly, many kinds of fish will stay close to structures and spend more time hiding during brighter days. Clouds, on the other hand, restrict the amount of light that penetrates the water. This brings more fish out from hiding as they cruise around for food more than usual.


Rain can also have an impact on fishing. Even though it may not be nice to be outside in the rain, it is one of the ideal times to go fishing. The rain serves to break up the view of the fish through the water’s surface. Rain can often bring out larger game fish by stirring up surface food and bait fish. Heavy and intense rain, however, is an entirely different story. 


In many circumstances, wind will push water and surface food away from the beach. If the day occurs to be windy, shore fishing will be more challenging than if you were fishing out in the deep sea. 


The fish will be affected when weather patterns shift and storms occur. Many fish will feed more aggressively in the hours leading up to a cold front. Whereas, during and after a storm the feeding will usually slow down. Fishing will be bad for approximately a day or so after a cold front passes through, even in regions that are normally warm. When dealing with a warm front, however, the increase in water temperature will typically cause the fish to desire to eat more, bringing fish closer to the surface. 


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