Deep Sea Barracuda Fishing in Miami Beach

Barracuda have become a common sight in the waters surrounding Miami. Barracudas, a type of ray-finned predatory fish, are well-known for their fearsome appearance. When it comes to Miami deep sea fishing, barracudas are great for sport fishing because of their unpredictable nature, along with their large and sharp teeth.


Most recognizable for being long and slim, the body of barracudas are usually silver in color. Of course, the appearance varies slightly according to the species of barracuda you’re looking at. Pickhandle barracudas have a dark line running through their silver scales, while a huge barracuda is silver with spots. Barracudas that are smaller than the average barracuda are protected from predators because of their color, which helps them to blend in with the rocks and sand below the waters. 


Although the majority of Barracudas we encounter fishing in Miami are less than three feet long, some of the larger ones can grow to reach five feet in length. In regards to size, the average weight of a barracuda ranges between 10 and 12 pounds.


The process of catching barracuda is really simple. These aggressive predators have a hard time resisting almost any bait, so long as it appears alive. Consequently, they can be a nuisance while reeling in other game fish because of their large mouths and voracious appetites. Although they may appear to be a nuisance to seasoned anglers, they are an excellent gamefish to catch any time of the year, providing a rewarding challenge and fantastic experience. 


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