Different Types of Deep Sea Fishing Techniques

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most popular pastimes here in Southern Florida. There are plenty of vibrant species to be found from marlins to cobias to amberjacks. Many people assume that you have to have experience to go Miami deep sea fishing, but that’s just not true! Captain Stan and his crew will help guide you as you fish, making marlin fishing in Miami Beach an unforgettable and exciting new experience.


Want to brush up on your fishing knowledge before heading out? Here are a few of the different techniques that can be used when deep-sea fishing.


Trolling is by far the most popular technique. It can be used to catch tuna, marlin, billfish, and mahi-mahi, to name a few. When trolling, especially for different species, you will spread out the tackle from the back of the boat with different lures. Keep an eye out on the surface of the water for weedlines, for the water changing colors, or other species like birds – this can indicate a catch is nearby!


Kite fishing is a variation of trolling and is useful for catches splashing at the surface. It is more effective with the dolphin sailfish, tuna, and wahoo species. This technique uses a flying kite connected to the rod and reel, suspending the bait from special kite clips.


Chumming, also known as chunking, brings fish closer to the boat by slowly drifting bait, luring them in for the catch.


Casting spin reels and poppers is a technique used to reel in various fish. When using this technique, you will lure fish to the surface with plugs that pop up and down. Once the fish is caught, it will jump up off the surface with the lure.


If you have any questions about deep sea fishing before heading out, feel free to give us a call!