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THERAPY-IV sailing times:

8:00am till 12:00 noon or
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
All day charters available for private, corporate or groups depending on your needs.

All fishing trips include:

Rods, reels, bait, tackle, captain, mate and Florida Fishing License


Call for pricing. We match any legitimate pricing of comparable fishing charter boat services.

Local Species List

Blackfin Tuna
Blacktip Shark
Blue Marlin
Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi)
Hammerhead Sharks
Mako Sharks
White Marlin

Deeo sea sportfishing. We make dreams come alive!!!



Sharks are caught while Deep Sea Fishing in Miami on the surface and on or near the bottom


Shark Characteristics:

Sharks are known as predators of the ocean and sea. There are many different types of sharks that frequent the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream offshore of Miami, offshore of Miami Beach and offshore of the South Florida coast. Most sharks in Miami are strong and good fighters. In general, many sharks have sharp razor type teeth that are replaceable throughout their lifetime. They may feed on the surface, on the bottom or somewhere in between. Many different species of sharks can be dangerous because of their multiple rows of sharp teeth, their speed, quickness and strength. Many different types of sharks frequent the ocean waters offshore of Miami all year round. Because of their size, strength and power, shark fishing in Miami can be very exciting.


Shark Locations:

Sharks are generally thought of as offshore fish. They can be found in the Gulf Stream or inshore of the Gulf Stream. Since there are no fences in the ocean, fish, including sharks, can swim wherever they want. Although generally thought of as offshore fish they can also be found in inshore and offshore waters. Sharks are often found in Miami, Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale on the surface, near the surface or on or near the bottom.


Sharks in Miami - Size / Weight Ranges:

Size ranges may vary in size from small sharks to large hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, dusky sharks, blacktip sharks, spinner sharks, mako sharks, tiger sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, silky sharks, thresher sharks and more. Whale sharks may sometimes be seen on the surface while Deep Sea fishing in Miami and while shark fishing in Miami. It has been said that there have been a few sightings of great white sharks in South Florida; this is very rare in Miami, Miami Beach or in South Florida. We catch sharks from about 25-pounds to over 1,000-pounds. The largest hammerhead shark that we have caught aboard the THERAPY-IV was 15 feet long and weighed 1,024 pounds. Sharks are a highly prized catch and a fish that is considered as a beautiful trophy. Replica trophy mounts are also available for sharks and other Deep Sea fish.


Sharks Fighting Ability:

Excellent. The sharks that are caught while Deep Sea shark fishing in Miami are usually great fighters, very fast and very powerful. Because sharks are so strong and powerful it is not an easy task to wind one in. Sharks are strong, very quick and can be quite aggressive.


Miami Shark Fishing – Fishing Techniques:

Live bait fishing; kite fishing, monster fishing, shark fishing and bottom fishing with big fresh baits are generally excellent fishing methods and techniques. Live bait shark fishing in Miami can be done on the surface and below the surface and kite fishing for sharks is done with live baits splashing on the surface while being suspended to splash on the surface by a fishing kite. Monster fishing is fishing for very big sharks and very big fish while fishing on the surface, below the surface and on or near the bottom with several different types of fresh bait and or live bait. Bottom fishing for sharks usually involves fishing with large fresh bait on or near the bottom. Charter boat fishing in Miami can be an excellent way of catching big sharks.


Types of Bait for Shark Fishing in Miami:

There are many different types of bait that can be excellent for shark fishing in Miami. As to live bait, blue runners, small bonito, also known as flippers, pinfish, mullet, large herring and large jumbo pilchards can be attractive to sharks. Small bonito and blue runners make excellent shark bait. When shark fishing in Miami with fresh big bait, bonito slabs, tuna slabs, kingfish slabs and almost any slab of fresh South Florida deep-sea fish will make good shark bait. Kingfish slabs can work well for catching sharks but they are a little soft and sometimes it is difficult to maintain their shape and texture.


Miami Shark Fishing– Rods / Reels / Fishing Equipment:

Generally, conventional deep-sea fishing tackle is best using deep-sea fishing rods and reels with 60-pound test line, 80-pound-test line or heavier. Big wire line rods and reels fished on or near the bottom also work well for shark fishing in Miami. There are people that use lightweight tackle; it can be very difficult to land a big shark on lightweight fishing rods and fishing reels especially in deep Atlantic Ocean water.


Miami Shark Fishing:

We fish for many different types of fish. We try to match our customer’s expectations with the types of fish that are seasonal during the time of year in which they are fishing.

Miami Fishing Reservations for: Shark fishing in Miami – Shark fishing in Miami Beach – Deep Sea fishing for Sharks in South Florida aboard the Charter Fishing Boat THERAPY-IV - Phone: 305-945-1578.

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*Some types of Sharks may be restricted during certain closure periods


Note: Size ranges, sizes of fish and other information, etc. may be based on our own opinions, deep sea fishing experiences, etc. We are not responsible for any information that may be in error or for any typographical errors.


Let’s go Shark Fishing aboard the THERAPY-IV in luxury and style !!!
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Shark fishing Miami aboard the Therapy-IV
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